Occasionally clients have trouble articulating what they want — but that’s okay! It’s our job to help take a feeling or sensation for a project and make it a reality. Our clients work with us because they like our aesthetic and unique style.

We are as much artists as designers, and we never deliver cookie-cutter solutions. We provide artistic direction throughout the creative process — from concepting and designing, to constructing and installing. We breath life into the final product.


Our services range from creative direction, to custom displays, to event design and installations. We’re inspired by many popular trends and styles, yet we strive to take them out of context to create a truly unique experience. Our custom displays and installations are designed to achieve business goals while still creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. When someone walks by a SFERE display or installation, we want them to stop in their tracks, and take a second look.


Collaboration is an essential part of our process, and we work closely with clients to blend their desired aesthetic with SFERE’s unique style. This can range from nurturing a seed of an idea to refining a bold vision. We often create mood boards so clients can visualize the look, feel and tone of what we want to achieve together. It’s this collaboration that sets our work apart from typical designers or installation artists. We want our clients to feel a part of the process to craft the final product and perfect atmosphere.


I’ve always loved puzzles. I love how they take shape and find unexpected ways to fit together. It was this love for building and design that originally put me on track to become an engineer. Luckily, I followed my passion for the creative and after working in graphic design for nearly a decade, decided to combine my worlds — the structural and the creative — and start SFERE. The team at SFERE strives to craft work that is both emotional and accessible. Our goal is to not only create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs, but also an emotional connection.
We don’t just design space, we create atmosphere.